Our Factories

Francesca is a Romanian company with a working history of over 26 years in the clothing industry. The activity started out as a small workshop in 1991. Since the year 2000, the company has become one of the most important players in the textile industry, delivering around 6,000,000 products annually towards the export market. In 2015, approximately 2500 employees were working along the vertical and horizontal lines of the business. Along the years, our company has been noted for the superior quality of the exported products, as well as for the prompt deliveries.

In 2019 Francesca has merged with Ann Reeves, London producer that had ensured the orders of the Romanian factories for over 20 years. Following this vertical movement in the commercial chain, Ann Reeves & Francesca has been born as a wholesome garments producer.

In addition to making clothes, our factory also provides for the customers pattern development, sampling ,warehouse services and logistics capacities. Our level of control ensures the best quality, allowing us to customize the workforce, machines, schedule and any other production factor, based on the needs of each customer.

We have a very well organized production, meaning we are able to offer low prices and precise delivery. We produce in Romania and Balkan countries, as well as in Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

Source: Inquam Photos/ Author: George Călin